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I saw someone trying to translate my missions, but it's really a hard work.
Some have certainly begun with such goodwill, but after the first 2-3 missions have surrendered.

Even my original texts definitely need some correction or improvement, I am Italian, I often use translators, and often translators translate what they want.

So I decided to create this tool that simplifies things.

I am happy if new translations are created, or improved translations of my missions, I just ask to leave the download of the translations here, or at least a link to this page. Thank you

Create new translation

How does that work?
Choose a missions pack -> choose a mission -> translate -> save

Download translation

1) Download the traslation and extract everything.
2) Copy and paste everything in your GTA root/scripts/bam/missions/
3) Enjoy!

(You must have BAM installed and the Mission pack)

Mission pack Language by Download
So now what? - alebal missions pack ITA by alebal Download
Traduzione ufficiale in italiano by alebal
Franklin 中文 by SAD Download

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