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GTA 5 alebal missions pack - So now what?

Thanks to your donations I decided to start a new missions pack. Thank you for your donations.   A new big missions pack, new

GTA 5 Build a mission translator

I saw someone trying to translate my missions, but it's really a hard work. Some have certainly begun with such goodwill, but after the first 2-3 missions have

GTA 5 - Trevor Day Missions pack

Trevor is out of town, and he needs someone to take care of his daily routine for a day, no questions asked              Download

Walkthrough GTA 5 alebal missions pack missions 1-10

This walkthrough exists to provide solutions to missions, but also because sometimes things don't go exactly as they should go, the movies can be different, some peds may not

Tutorial add modify water in GTA 5 (water.xml)

In Gta 5 you can modify or add water. I did a lot of testing before changing some existing portions of water, then starting to add new portions and starting to test the various