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Trevor is out of town, and he needs someone to take care of his daily routine for a day, no questions asked

A lake party, in a new lake in front of Franklin home. Download GTA 5 Franklin's lake Party Is an evolution of this:

Un lake party, in un nuovo lago di fronte a casa di Franklin. Download GTA 5 Franklin's lake Party è un

Una corsa completamente illegale, attraverso tutto il mondo di GTA 5. La più lunga, pericolosa, incredibile, assurda, folle, difficile, impossibile, estenuante, snervante,

A completely illegal race through the world of GTA 5. The longest, dangerous, unbelievable, absurd, crazy, difficult, impossible, exhausting, grueling race of all GTA

Trevor is crazy, but it certainly is not stupid. Do not ever leave around something useful. Do you remember all the battles, clashes, the violence shots? Have you ever wondered where Trevor hid everything that had remained "intact"? In his

Trevor è pazzo, ma sicuramente non è uno stupido. Non lascerebbe mai in giro qualcosa di utile. Vi ricordate tutte le battaglie, gli scontri, gli scatti d'ira? Vi siete mai chiesti dove Trevor nascondesse tutto quello che era rimasto

Secret Base with water above and below. Here is where the government hide its own secrets. Where to hide the weapons that can not be left in circulation. Where hide what you should never know. Here it is where it is checked your profile on LifeInvader. It was chosen this place for its location,

Una base sommersa con acqua sopra e sotto. Qui è dove il governo nasconde i suoi segreti. Dove nasconde le armi che non possono essere lasciate in circolazione. Dove nasconde quello che non dovresti mai sapere. Qui è dove viene controllato il tuo rpofilo su

In GTA 5 you can modify or add water. I did a lot of testing before changing some existing portions of water, then starting to add new portions and starting to test the various parameters applicable to water in GTA 5. For each test I created and shared a new map file, and many have asked me how to modify the water? So I decided to write this tutorial. In this tutorial I show you just the basics for managing the water (mainly add-modify) and how they work and what are the parameters that I've explored so far. It is not absolutely a complete tutorial on all the features