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Walkthrough alebal 011 - Favour to the general - GTA 5 Missions Pack Walkthrough alebal 012 - Amanda lovers 1 - GTA 5 Missions Pack Walkthrough alebal 013 - Hiding in the mountain - GTA 5 Missions Pack

Thanks to your donations I decided to start a new missions pack. Thank you for your donations.   A new big missions pack, new missions for Michael Franklin and Trevor.   It starts where everything was finished, where it will end is still unknown.   Let's start with the first 20

This walkthrough exists to provide solutions to missions, but also because sometimes things don't go exactly as they should go, the movies can be different, some peds may not arrive, or otherwise appear differently depending on the framerate or the characteristics of the PC. Or because sometimes it happens to not be able to read all the texts and maybe not understand the meaning of a story. This walkthrough shows exactly how the missions should work. However, please remember

Trevor is out of town, and he needs someone to take care of his daily routine for a day, no questions asked

Io sono la velocissima, io ho 6 marce, con cambio al manubrio, ma tu non hai alcun controllo di esse, se vuoi puoi anche smenare la mia leva del cambio, ma sono io a decidere quando cambiare e quale marcia mettere, e di solito metto in sesta quando devi partire in salita e in prima quando devi fare un sorpasso, quindi o sfrecci come un coglione schivando bambini e prostitute

This did not remember having done so ... Count the days of your life It is a game that counts the days from your date of birth and tells you when you do 10000, 2000 etc. At the time it was served to understand how it worked the PHP date ()

Questo non mi ricordavo proprio di averlo fatto... Count the days of your life è un giochino che conta i giorni dalla tua data di nascita e ti dice quando ne farai 10000, 2000 ecc. All'epoca mi era servito per capire come funzionava

A lake party, in a new lake in front of Franklin home. Download GTA 5 Franklin's lake Party Is an evolution of this:

Un lake party, in un nuovo lago di fronte a casa di Franklin. Download GTA 5 Franklin's lake Party è un

Many people have asked me my GTA 5 Object List to render all objects of my maps. So I load here ... Download alebal ObjectList